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Developer (Dev) URLs allow users to access the ports of services they are developing within their environment.

Enabling the Dev URLs Feature Preview

Before you can Dev URLs, you must enable the feature preview. To do so, log into the Coder Enterprise UI and click on the vertical ellipses next to your name in the top-right. Select Feature Preview.

In the dialog that opens, select the Multi Editor option and click Enable.

Creating a Dev URL

You can create a Dev URL from the environment overview page. In the Dev URLs section, click Add URL. Provide the port number you'd like to use, an optional Name, as well as whether the URL should be public, private, available to others in your organization or to anyone logged in to your instance of Coder.

Using Dev URLs

To access a Dev URL, click the Open in browser icon to open it in a new page, or the Copy button to copy the URL for sharing.

Direct Access

Dev URLs are constructed as follows:

If a name is provided:


If no name is provided:


As an example, a Dev URL for port 8080 can be constructed for:

  • Username: user
  • Domain:
  • Environment: my-project

as:, or if given the name reactproject



Direct Access

If not already present, Dev URLs that are directly accessed will be automatically added to the Dev URL list on the dashboard. Their access will be set to Private.

Access Control

Each Dev URL can set an access level. The options are:

  • Private - Only the owner of the environment can access the URL
  • Organization - Anyone in the same organization as the environment can access the URL
  • Authorized Users - Anyone logged in to your instance of Coder
  • Public - Anyone on the internet

Working with Dev URLs using the Coder CLI

The Coder CLI comes with features for you to use and manage your Dev URLs.


To list all existing Dev URLs: coder urls <env name>
To create/edit or delete Dev URLs: coder urls [create | del] <env name> <port>

Example: Creating Dev URLs

$ coder urls create my-env 8001
$ coder urls create my-env 8002 --access PUBLIC

Example: Listing Dev URLs

$ coder urls my-env 8000 PRIVATE 8001 PUBLIC

Example: Editing Dev URLs

The create subcommand can also be used to update an existing DevURL. To do so, specify the <port> for an existing Dev URL and supply a new --access value.

Example: Deleting Dev URLs

$ coder urls del my-env 8000

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