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2 months ago by Katie Horne

New Features


Metrics allow you to track time spent working in specific environments and time spent using particular Coder features (e.g., the web interface, Terminal, SSH, and Sync). Admins can view this data on a per organization basis.



Coder Enterprise allows you to add services, which are sidecar containers that run alongside your primary development environment. They can be used to encapsulate complex applications that are then available to all users in your organization.

Create a Service


You can store all of your custom settings in a dotfiles repo hosted with the Git provider of your choice and provide the URL to Coder to build your environment with all of your preferences. These settings will persist even when Coder rebuilds your environment.

Add Dotfiles Repo


In 1.9.0, we've:

  • Improved the stability of the Remote IDE, as well as its connect/reconnect behavior. We’ve also removed chips tagging IDEs as “beta” in select browsers
  • Made performance improvements, which you will see especially when working with the modal windows with forms
  • Fixed an issue with the propagation of the TERM environment variable to shell sessions