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about a month ago by Katie Horne

Improvements to the Coder Enterprise User Interface

We've changed the following Coder Enterprise functions to use full-screen windows instead of modal windows for a more fluid, seamless user experience:

  • Creating and editing a service
  • Importing an image
  • Creating and editing environment
  • Creating and managing your organization settings

The Create Environment window


Coder Enterprise can store sensitive values, such as passwords and client IDs/secrets, securely. Currently, you can create and manage secrets using the Coder CLI, which is automatically injected into your environments on creation/rebuild for convenience.

Automatic Creation of .gitconfig Files

If you create a new environment for which there isn’t a .gitconfig file defined, Coder Enterprise will automatically create one for you that has been prefilled with your name and email address. The .gitconfig file allows you to set the configuration variables that affect the look and feel of Git.

.gitconfig file created by Coder Enterprise


We've made improvements regarding the performance of Metrics and its overall user experience.

Viewing Metrics in Coder Enterprise